Svendborg Brakes’ SOBO® iQ Braking Control Goes Mobile

July 18, 2016
Chile Overland Conveyor

SOBO® iQ controls are now accessible from both android and IOS mobile devices. This new level of convenient accessibility is significant since most SOBO iQ controls are installed in tough, hard-to-reach, isolated areas such as underground or overland mining conveyors.

Svendborg iPAD Control Screen for SOBO

Users can remotely access and monitor their Svendborg Brakes SOBO® iQ controls by simply downloading the CERHOST app for android mobile phones or tablets, available license-free from Microsoft. The iCERHOST app for use with iPhones and iPads is available via iTunes. Once downloaded, the app can be easily accessed using the “Remote Display” tool on any computer.

The SOBO iQ main menu allows users to access all control functions including, Startup, Brake Ramps, Parking, HPU and Diagnostics.

The state-of-the-art SOBO iQ combines various cutting-edge technologies to provide significant flexibility, safety and durability on mine conveyors and other heavy-duty industrial applications.

Svendborg SOBO Control Connections

The SOBO iQ features three-state digital modulation and a revolutionary dual-loop PI control (pressure/speed). The pressure control is based not only on speed but also on deceleration. SOBO iQ controls braking torque by comparing a preset speed ramp with actual conveyor speed feedback. The unit can provide different braking profiles for different operational scenarios. Advanced functions including independent overspeed monitoring, rollback, gearbox and out-of-band monitoring are included.

The SOBO iQ provides only the torque needed for a safe, controlled stop. The controller can be used with a combination of brake types, mounted on both the high and low speed sides of the conveyor drive. Up to 4 HPUs can be connected to each controller.