Inertia Dynamics Introduces Updated Website and Product Catalog

November 14, 2016
Inertia Dynamics Website and Catalog

Inertia Dynamics has recently launched an updated website and product catalog. The website enhancements include a Featured Content Slider on the Home Page to highlight the newest brand information, and a News & Press area that links direct to the Altra Newsroom for quick access to the most recent news. The website also features a new responsive design, so the site is easily viewed on various types of electronic devices.

The newly expanded Inertia Dynamics Electric Clutches & Brakes catalog features the full line of Electromagnetic Power-On Clutches and Brakes, as well as Spring Applied Brakes, Motor Brakes, Controls and Moment of Inertia Measuring Equipment. The same updated product information is included on the new website as well.

New metric offerings and dimensional information has been added for Inertia Dynamics Power-On Brakes and Spring Set Brakes. Ordering information has been updated and simplified in the revised catalog, along with the Part Numbering System and the 4-Step Selection Process.

Inertia Dynamics offers a comprehensive line of power supplies and controls for use with electric clutches and brakes, and information regarding these related products is included in the catalog and online. The catalog and website also feature a description of Inertia Dynamics Moment of Inertia Measuring Instruments and method of operation.

For more information regarding Inertia Dynamics products, visit the new website at or contact your local Altra Sales Manager.