Matrix International Modified 1EB Series Brakes for Golf Carts

January 30, 2017
Golf Carts

A major US golf cart manufacturer needed a drop-in replacement braking solution for a line of golf carts. The carts feature a convenient parking brake mounted to the back of the motor that automatically engages when the vehicle is stopped. The existing brakes were failing prematurely due to water and condensation corrosion.

The OEM contacted Matrix based on its reputation as an innovative electromechanical brake leader in the industry. After careful in-depth evaluation of the existing brake design, Matrix engineers developed a modified spring-applied, electromagnetically-released 1EB Series brake to solve the customer’s braking problems. Matrix supplied 37Nm and 47Nm brakes, both housed in the same compact package size. The higher torque capacity brakes were installed on larger cart models within the customer’s extended product line. The IP67 rated brakes are fully enclosed for protection from water and corrosion.

Based on the successful testing (in-house and in the field), along with the low cost of ownership, the OEM ultimately selected the Matrix solution as the replacement parking brake for its cart fleet. The customer was very pleased with the level of engineering support and application expertise of the Matrix team, including timely responses throughout the approval process.

Modified 1EB Series Brakes