Formsprag Custom Sprag Retainer Assembly for Multi-Mission Aircraft

February 13, 2017

Formsprag Clutch provided a clutch solution for use on the U.S. Navy’s next generation multi-mission aircraft. The modified cargo plane is designed for antisubmarine warfare, anti-surface warfare and electronic intelligence/surveillance duties. The specialized aircraft carries a full complement of weapons systems and technologies including depth charges, torpedoes, anti-ship missiles and sonobuoys.

Custom PCE (positive continuous engagement) sprag retainer assemblies from Formsprag are utilized on the aircraft’s emergency door actuator system. The patented PCE retainer was originally developed to meet the demands of aircraft and helicopter applications. The PCE design provides reliable performance, even under extreme torsional vibration and severe transient overload. Patented Formchrome® sprags provide superior corrosion protection.

Formsprag Custom Sprag Retainer Assembly