Warner Linear H-Track Electric Actuators for Movable Solar Arrays

April 6, 2017
Moveable Solar Array

Linear actuators are routinely utilized to adjust panel angles on large solar arrays. This movement allows the panels to be positioned toward the sun for maximum efficiency as it moves across the sky during peak daylight hours. Movable array installations can increase energy efficiency by up to 50 percent compared to fixed position panels. The actuators must also be able to securely hold the panels in the desired positions since solar arrays are often located in high wind areas.

Warner Linear has developed the new H-Track electric actuator with self-contained hydraulic actuation to meet the demand for reliable, rugged actuators used on solar arrays and other industrial applications. The innovative H-Track provides the performance of hydraulics without the space requirements and expense of a full-size hydraulic system.

H-Track actuators are able to move loads up to 4,800 lbs. (21 kN), allowing them to handle the weight of most solar panels. A unique hydraulic valve and reservoir system allows dual H-Track units to be installed with a connecting hose to provide smooth, synchronized movement on larger solar panels.

Units resist drifting and hold a load stationary without power during load reversals, allowing the H-Track to hold the panels in position in high wind environments. These completely sealed actuators feature an anodized aluminum housing that resists corrosion and provides protection from dirt, dust and humidity in outdoor applications.

Warner Linear H-Track Actuator