Warner Linear H-Track Electric Actuator for Ag Sprayers

May 1, 2017
Ag Sprayers

Larger agricultural sprayers, with ever-increasing boom lengths reaching 130 ft. in the U.S. (177 ft. in Europe), are becoming more and more popular. These larger capacity sprayers allow growers to complete their field applications more efficiently while saving time and fuel.

Agricultural sprayers use actuators to fold their long sprayer booms into a stowed position for transport and extend them for spraying. The folding and unfolding of these massive booms apply very high loads on the actuators. During operation, as the sprayer moves across the field, the moment force acting on the actuators dramatically increases due to the bouncing of the booms. These combined loads create tremendous impacts which can quickly destroy most electric actuators.

To meet the growing demand for rugged, power-dense actuators used on ag sprayers as well as other industrial applications, the engineering team at Warner Linear developed the new H-Track electric actuator with self-contained hydraulic actuation. The innovative H-Track provides the performance of hydraulics without the space requirements and expense of a full-size hydraulic system.

H-Track actuators are able to move loads up to 4,800 lbs. (21 kN) allowing them to handle the weight of the large booms. Units resist drifting and hold a load stationary without power, allowing the H-Track to hold the booms in place in either the folded or extended position. These completely sealed actuators feature an anodized aluminum housing that resists corrosion and can withstand high-pressure washdowns.

Warner Linear H-Track Actuator