Industrial Clutch LKB Brakes for Mine Spreader

May 8, 2017
Mine Spreader

An open pit coal mine operator in the western US needed to replace some of the brakes on its overburden spreader. The massive machine features two large intake and discharge conveyor booms along with a heavy counterweight boom. Overburden is transported from the mine site via an overland conveyor, and then transferred to the spreader’s intake conveyor. The tracked spreader moves along the side of the dumping area as it distributes the material uniformly from its discharge conveyor.

The spreader utilizes electric motors with brakes to drive the hoist rope winch reels on each of the booms. Industrial Clutch LKB 325 spring-set, pneumatically released brakes with 300,000 torque capacity were an ideal solution for the brake replacements. The brakes, positioned on the drive end, opposite of the motor, provide high-energy emergency stopping and static holding functionality.

LKB brakes feature high-energy metallic linings with large swept areas, ensuring excellent heat dissipation, uniform stopping distances and long lining life. Units also feature wear sensors, high-strength alloy steel drive studs, actuation springs sized for maximum life, and long-life piston seals.

Industrial Clutch LKB Brakes