TB Wood's V-Belt Sheaves for Mine Ventilation Fan

June 19, 2017
Vent Fan

A leading industrial fan OEM needed a reliable belted drive solution for a large mine ventilation fan. The belted drive transfers power from the electric motor to the fan shaft.

The massive fan, driven by a 30 HP electric motor operating at 1750 RPM, is positioned on the surface above the mine’s ventilation shaft. The fan, operating at 350 RPM, moves fresh air deep into the mine to reduce extremely high temperatures and improve worker comfort.

To meet the application power and speed requirements, TB Wood’s supplied a complete belted drive system, including a pair of 3-groove, cast iron V-belt sheaves. A 7.4 in. dia. sheave was installed on the electric drive motor shaft. A larger 38 in. dia. sheave, weighing more than 130 lbs., was mounted to the fan shaft. The sheaves were statically balanced at the factory. Sure-Grip QD type bushings were included for easy installation and removal.

TB Wood's 3 Groove V-Belt Sheaves