Wichita Clutch Mesur-Fil Fluid Coupling for Mine Sizers

July 20, 2017
Mine Sizers

A major mining OEM required rugged fluid couplings for use on a series of mine sizers. The top-fed machines utilize twin toothed rollers that crush stone to a predetermined aggregate size for construction customers. The couplings, mounted between the drive motors and gearboxes, are needed to protect the drivetrain during high-torque starts and jams.

The ability to deliver reliable, smooth, soft starts on a variety of mine sizers and feeder breakers made Mesur-Fil® fluid couplings from Wichita Clutch the ideal choice for this high-inertia load application. The couplings allow the drive motors to start unloaded and reach operating speed with a smooth, controlled acceleration that significantly reduces the strain on the drivetrain components. The units also provide overload protection when material gets jammed between the toothed rollers.

Mesur-Fil® fluid couplings feature high temperature Viton seals and have no metal-to-metal contact. The couplings provide energy savings by reducing current draw on the drive motor by 33%. All aluminum housings yield low rotating inertia. Models are available with a wide range of mounting options for use with motors from 1/2 HP to 50 HP.

Mesur-Fil Fluid Coupling