Bauer BF Series Geared Motors for Golf Course Wastewater Filtration System

August 7, 2017
Wastewater Filtration System

The Sharjah Golf & Shooting Club in the United Arab Emirates had been getting complaints about the quality of the recycled wastewater used to spray the greens on the club’s 18-hole golf course. The problem was that the sewage treatment plant was subjected to a load twice the size it was designed to handle.

The solution to the problem was a microfiltering process from Huber, a global leader in wastewater treatment equipment. The filtration machines are equipped with disc filters that can be retrofitted to accommodate increased wastewater loads. The filter discs are arranged horizontally and rotate on central shafts powered by Bauer geared motors.

The motors used are Bauer BF Series shaft-mounted geared motors with integrated torque support and hollow shafts even in the smallest sizes. Geared motors of this series can also be mounted in any position. They comply with international standards, including NEMA, IEC, CSA and CE, and are, therefore, licensed for use worldwide. A hardened wearing bushing and a spray ring on the rotor seal mean that the oil sump can be smaller and ensure reliable lubrication and performance over many years without leakage, an important aspect in sewage plants.

Bauer BF Series Geared Motor