Warner Linear H-Track Electric Actuators for Handicap Van Kneeling System

August 24, 2017
Handicap Van Kneeling System

Kneeling systems have become a popular option on custom handicap vans. Linear actuators are used in these systems to lower the rear suspension of the van, reducing the incline of the wheelchair ramp when deployed. This allows for easier wheelchair access. Since they are typically mounted under the vehicle chassis, a rugged actuator solution is required to withstand road salt and dirt build up that can cause failures.

Based on many years of extensive handicap van application experience, Warner Linear engineers have developed the new H-Track electric actuator with self-contained hydraulic actuation to meet the challenging requirements of van kneeling systems. The innovative H-Track provides the performance of hydraulics without the space requirements and expense of a full-size hydraulic system.

H-Track actuators are able to move loads up to 4,800 lbs. (21 kN), allowing them to handle the forces required to lower the van chassis suspension. Units resist drifting and hold a load stationary without power, allowing the H-Track to hold the van chassis in place. The compact, power-dense units feature a small footprint, making them ideal for installation in tight van chassis spaces. These completely sealed actuators feature an anodized aluminum housing that resists corrosion from road salt and provides protection from dirt and mud. Units feature an operating temperature range of -40˚F to 180˚F (-40˚C to 82˚C).

Warner Linear H-Track Electric Actuators