Bauer BG Series Geared Motors for Wastewater Membrane Filtration System

August 21, 2017
Wastewater Membrane Filtration System

Huber, a global leader in water treatment equipment, was looking for a powerful and durable drive motor for its membrane filtration process machines. The company’s equipment helps provide people with clean water by making the best possible use of existing reserves of drinking water. Its machines are also used to recycle waste water, providing service water which can be reused, for example, in agriculture. These efforts combine to help counteract the process known as “desertification”, that is, the expansion of desert areas around the world.

The membrane filtration process machines not only remove solid materials from the water, but also help to reduce contamination with bacteria and germs. These ultra-filter plants are designed to recycle liquid waste to provide service water.

Based on years of successful collaboration, Huber selected Bauer BG Series helical-geared motors with a straight-gear configuration. The robust gearing, compact cast housing and, above all, the high-efficiency motors made the BG units the ideal choice. All Bauer gear motors are designed to keep running costs at an acceptable level and ensure reliable performance.

Bauer BG Series Gear Motor