Wichita Clutch Standard Vent Clutch for Mine Crusher

September 14, 2017
US Mine Crusher

A replacement clutch was needed for use on an older belt-driven crusher at a U.S. mine. The clutch is mounted directly to a 42" diameter, five-belt sheave positioned on the main crushing roller shaft.

Wichita Clutch provided a Model 330H Standard Vent Clutch (SVC) to meet the rigorous-duty application requirements. The Wichita SVC is ideally suited for large-inertia loads such as on mine crushers, where smooth, controlled starts are needed. The 34" diameter pneumatic clutch provides 981,000 in.lb. of slip torque and has a max speed of 1,100 RPM.

SVC models feature the unique Wichita air-tube disc design that combines all the best attributes of a disc-type clutch with all the advantages of direct air engagement. It is the simplest and most trouble-free method of applying air pressure yet designed. The SVC is unaffected by centrifugal force and has no self-energization like drum clutch designs. Full-width molded composition teeth on the friction discs minimize wear on the driving ring.

Standard Vent Clutch for Mine Crusher