Kilian introduces the new CB-14 Series Conveyor Bearings

September 21, 2017
Kilian CB-14 Bearings

Kilian introduces the new CB-14 Series Conveyor Bearings. These unique and cost-effective bearings are designed to operate quietly and dependably in the most demanding material handling applications.

CB-14 bearings combine two major features that act together to reduce the metal-to-metal contact that is a common source of noise throughout the conveyor system. The entire CB-14 series has a one-piece, precision machined outer ring to prevent any spreading or splitting under load.

These bearings accommodate standard 7/16-inch hex shafting and dampen noise which is normally transmitted to the conveyor frame. Both inner and outer rings are precision machined from bar stock for maximum concentricity and true running performance. The solid, one-piece rings prevent spreading or splitting problems.

Benefits Include:

  • Noise Reduction
  • Easy Replacement
  • High-Speed Operation
  • One-Piece Outer Ring
  • A dependable, low-cost
  • Features for retrofit applications or new designs

Kilian CB-14 Conveyor Bearings Flyer (P-8455-KM)