Stromag Geared CAM Limit Switches Offer Specialisation and Intelligence

September 28, 2017
Geared Cam Limit Switches

Since the start of the business in 1932, Geared Cam Limit Switches have been a key product for Stromag, a leading manufacturer of innovative, high-performance components for industrial power. With a proven track record, Stromag has adapted its product portfolio of Geared Cam Limit Switches to suit the needs of industries and specific applications, offering end users more than a device that simply stops.

As a part of the Altra Industrial Motion Corporation, Stromag offers a comprehensive range of Geared Cam Limit Switches in main current and control current variants. The control current Geared Cam Limit Switches offered include planetary geared, worm geared, spur geared and lever type; while the main current range incorporates spindle geared, lever type and counterweight options.

A range of different housings are available, incorporating aluminium casings rated to IP65, seawater resistant variants and further specialised housings rated up to IP66. Shaft movement is aided by a strong connection between all internal components, offering increased performance. Applications supported include cranes, stage technology, wind turbines, bucket conveyors, gantry systems, trolleys and other heavy-duty applications.

Servicing such a large array of applications requires adaptability, which Stromag achieves through its own expertise within these industries and by working closely with the customer. While other manufacturers may offer standard solutions, Stromag actively liaises with engineers to offer specific solutions for individual systems. Cost, design and integration are key topics of discussion – balanced with application requirements.

Using this thorough approach, the precision and positioning of the device is greatly enhanced, offering high-precision adjustability and suitability. Seamless integration also ensures improved reliability across the overall system. Defining an optimum solution is especially important considering Geared Cam Limit Switches are inherently, a safety component.

Customer influence also transmits itself in the introduction of new products to the Stromag Geared Cam Limit Switches range, actively supporting the demands of operators. With the emphasis on increasing the transmission of information in current engineering methodology, Stromag is reacting to this requirement by increasing the intelligence of its limit switch range.

Operators now want access to status information, delivered by sensors and encoders inherently present in the Geared Cam Limit Switches, which can inform on the suitable operating parameters of a system. This is especially useful for security-related speed monitoring, and possibly notifying of a critical situation regarding a system. This sort of innovation has clear benefits for applications working under load, such as winching.

An example of a ‘next generation’ Geared Cam Limit Switches is the Stromag Smart Cam®, an electronic Geared Cam Limit Switch that features an in-house developed encoder system integrated directly into the device. While a number of Stromag Geared Cam Limit Switches offer support for encoders, the trend of supplying more information to end users has solidified a requirement for a fully integrated device.

Additionally, Stromag is also introducing a new variant of its LightXcross LX® crossbar Geared Cam Limit Switch, which offers full monitoring capabilities of cross and long travel in crane applications. Working to the needs of the market, Stromag has been able to deliver optimised devices to service these specific demands.

Furthermore, as an accomplished manufacturer of power transmission components, Stromag is able to recommend ancillary components such as brakes and couplings to complement end user systems. A fully integrated system, as any operator knows, offers increased reliability. This approach also simplifies specification, providing a single point of contact for operators regarding their system performance.

By engaging in technical dialogue with end users, Stromag can adapt its comprehensive portfolio of Geared Cam Limit Switches to exact application requirements. The results are increased precision, reliability, precise adjustability and performance. This is supported by a selection of accessories such as encoders and sensors, which provide the increased intelligence end users of critical systems require for seamless operations.