Bauer BF Series Geared Motors for Wastewater Screeners

October 19, 2017
Wastewater Screeners

One of the special challenges facing China as it prepared for the 2008 Olympics was the statutory requirement that it must clean 100% of the wastewater produced. This was done with the aid of two large-scale sewage treatment plants in the Beijing area.

Huber, a large global water treatment OEM, delivered 22 machines for mechanical pre-cleaning and fine screening of the wastewater, along with the world’s largest membrane bio-reactor. The bathing-quality water leaving these plants is fed into the Olympic rowing and canoeing lake.

The fine screeners are multi-functional machines that mechanically retain undesirable substances, remove and transport off the screenings, wash, dewater and compact them.

Huber selected rugged Bauer BF Series shaft-mounted geared motors to help keep things moving. The units supplied feature a brake that is flange-mounted in the fine screen. Models are available in 10 gear sizes for torques from 200 to 16,800 Nm. The protection classes range from IP65 to IEC529, which means the BF Series motors are protected against water spray and suitable for use outdoors or in humid environments.

Bauer BF Series Geared Motor