Altra Industrial Motion brands bring precision power transmission solutions to SPS 2017

November 20, 2017
SPS IPC Drives 2017

Visitors to SPS IPC Drives this November will be able to view new innovations from Bauer Gear Motor, Huco, Matrix, Stromag and Warner Electric – showcasing the combined power transmission expertise inherent in the Altra Industrial Motion Corporation. Visitors will be able to meet with representatives from all businesses on stand 3-270 throughout the event, which runs from the 28th – 30th November at Nuremberg Messe.

Visitors to the Altra stand will have a chance to view precision power transmission components, highly suited for a wide range of specialised applications.


Matrix Servo Motor Brakes

The new Servo Motor Brake (SMB) range will take centre stage for Matrix at SPS 2017.

A new range of standardised servo motor brakes will take centre stage for Matrix at SPS, offering end users an economical approach to the most common servo motor brake applications. The Servo Motor Brake (SMB) range is specifically designed to provide static holding capabilities for precise load positioning and restraint, making it ideal for use on robots, remote operated vehicles (ROVs), CNC lathes and machine tools.

The design delivers improved performance in emergency stop situations, thanks to dependable dynamic torque performance. This has been aided by simulation testing, which Matrix engineers utilised to deliver the utmost force-to-size ratio. Flange, mount and hub options can be specified, allowing easy integration into existing systems. Matrix has a proven track record regarding custom brakes, but this new standard range offers end users reduced in-house manufacturing and lead times due to its standardised construction.

A 3D animation explaining the facets of the new SMB range will also be on the Matrix stand, allowing end users to get a first-hand look at the range and its precision stopping capabilities.

Bauer Gear Motor

Bauer HiflexDrive Grouping

Bauer Gear Motor will be highlighting its recently expanded HiflexDRIVE range of compact motors.

Bauer Gear Motor will be highlighting its recently expanded HiflexDRIVE range of compact motors, which now includes aseptic and stainless-steel options down to 80 Nm. These material options offer a suitable solution for motor applications in hygienic areas. The PMSM design of the HiflexDRIVE provides constant motor speed independent of load or voltage, making it an ideal selection for conveyors and other constant torque applications. Furthermore, the unit can deliver an energy saving of up 40% when under partial load, thanks to in-built permanent magnet technology.

Visitors to the stand will also be able to view an IP68 rated motor operating running submersed in a tank. The demonstration will illustrate the unit’s sealings and coatings, which are performance rated to a depth of 10 metres. Bauer will also be introducing for the first time its TorqueControl 4.0 system, making geared motors ready for the demands of Industry 4.0. A demonstration model will be on the stand allowing visitors to experience the functionality of TorqueControl 4.0 live at the booth, don’t miss the chance of viewing the future of the geared motor specialist’s activities.

Warner Electric

Warner Electric XS Series Brake Group

Warner Electric will focus on its range of X-Small brakes, spring-set holding brakes which offer the performance of a permanent magnet solution.

Warner will focus on its range of X-Small brakes, spring-set holding brakes which offer the performance of a permanent magnet solution, but on a greatly reduced footprint. Extensively tested to ensure performance, the X-Small range provides consistent static torque capacity at a more competitive cost point for the benefit of end users.

Primarily designed for engaged and disengaged holding applications, such as seat adjustment on an airplane, the X-Small range also delivers a low cycle rate action during unplanned stops. The brakes will stay engaged during power failure, meaning they are perfectly adapted for applications where preserving the integrity of the holding force is imperative. Available in 6 standard sizes, the range delivers up to 50 Ncm of static torque.

Well suited for use in medical and aerospace applications, the X-Small brake is backed by over 70 years of Warner experience. Flange adaptors are available as options for mounting, which, coupled with the brakes inherent compact construction, means end users can specify a perfectly adapted solution for confined areas. The X-Small brakes will be joined by Warner’s Static Spring Applied Electrical Released Holding Brakes. WR218 VAR00 brakes offer a 2 – 5 Nm torque rating, provide low cycle rates during emergency stops. The WR220 VAR00 and WR225 VA00 brakes are incredibly compact, providing a 0.5 – 4 Nm torque rating and customisation options thanks to a flexible design. Both brakes are ideal for use in robots, machine tools, conveyors and wheelchairs.

In addition, Warner will be showcasing its range of high performance electric linear actuators with inbuilt IP69K protection. The M-Track is ideal for light duty with its load capacity of 750 N and its 50 – 300 mm stroke length. The I-Track provides a similar load capacity, but incorporates a floating rod design for reversible extension or retraction and an integrated potentiometer. Next is the S-Track, which provides 1500 N load capacity and 100 – 300 mm of programmable travel. For heavy duty applications, the B-Track provides up to 12700 N of load capacity, protective coatings and O-ring seals, thermal overload protection plus a hybrid nut and screw design which eliminates the need for a brake.


Stromag Smart Cam Electronic Geared Cam Limit Switch

Stromag will be concentrating on its range of precision limit switches and high-performance brakes at SPS.

Stromag will be concentrating on its range of precision limit switches and high-performance brakes. The Series 51 Geared Cam Limit Switch range will be on stand, which operates with a planetary gear and modular principle. Designed to map a wide range of shaft rotations to the angular displacement of the installed cam discs, the switch is ideal for use where distances are limited by the angle of rotation, such as in high speed shutter doors or limiting hook lift on a crane. Cam adjustment is handled at a fixed position in the housing for simplicity and precision, and the device offers the option of potentiometer or encoder mounting.

The next generation Smart Cam® electronic geared cam limit switch will also be present, which features a directly integrated in-house developed encoder system. Based on the Series 51, the compact device provides a wide variety of encoding options, supporting the current end user requirement for increased information transmission in operation.

Spring applied electrically released brakes will complete the products on display, in the form of the 4BZFM and NFF brakes, which offer braking toque ranges from 63 – 11,000 Nm and 20 – 10,000 Nm respectively. Specialist features of the 4BZFM include protection up to IP67, special coatings, inherent strength and ease of maintenance. The NFF range is also easy to maintain, requiring no brake disassembly, but also provides IP66 protection and a reliable design with very low inertia.


Huco Oldham Couplings

The Huco Oldham coupling, which eliminates backlash via a rotating central disk that travels over the hubs during preloading, will be on display at SPS.

Huco has been supplying precision couplings for precise power transmission applications for nearly 50 years. Visitors will be able to view the brand’s extensive range, all of which are designed for performance accuracy and smooth operations.

The Oldham coupling will be featured, which eliminates backlash via a rotating central disk that travels over the hubs during preloading. A mainstay of the Huco coupling range, the Oldham can be specified with a number of different hub and disc options, which, coupled with its ease of maintenance, offers end users total versatility.

Huco steel, aluminium and plastic Beam couplings will also be present – which can be specified in multiple configurations to accommodate increased torque capacity or misalignment. Bellows couplings conclude Huco’s display, specially designed for applications that require high levels of torsional integrity.

SPS IPC Drives 2017 takes place from 28th – 30th November at Nuremberg Messe, Nuremberg, Germany. Bauer Gear Motor, Huco, Matrix, Stromag and Warner Electric will be present on stand 3-270.