Bauer BK Series Geared Motors for Wastewater Screening Plant

December 11, 2017
Wastewater Screening Plant

With a length of 23 meters, the screening plant in operation in FilderstadtBonlanden, Germany, with its perforated plate screens for the treatment of water from combined sewers and rainwater, is probably the longest screening plant in Europe. It was installed in an existing rain overflow basin to clean combined sewer overflow of floating and suspended substances.

The plant is driven by a compact Bauer BK70 bevel-geared motor with rightangled gear output. The motor has protection of class IP68 and can operate underwater in channels. BK Series geared motors offer many advantages over hydraulic systems, including maximum availability and low maintenance requirements. BK models are completely enclosed and sealed against dust and moisture. Hardened wear sleeve and spray ring ensure leak-free performance. Units provide long service life with low running costs.

Bauer BK Series Geared Motor