Kilian Custom Bearing Assemblies for White Boards

August 3, 2018
White Boards

A leading U.S. white board manufacturer was looking for a bearing solution for its line of sliding white board systems. The systems are comprised of various sized overlapping magnetic white board panels that slide in a series of tracks. The compact systems maximize wall space and allow confidential information to be concealed when needed. The OEM wanted to improve the sliding operation of the panels.

Kilian designed custom over-molded, extended inner race bearings to meet the customer’s specific application challenges. Prototype bearing assembly samples were sent to the customer in less than a week. The new bearings were positioned in all 4 corners of each panel.

The customer was very pleased with the improved operation of the panel systems after the Kilian bearing assemblies were installed. The panels were significantly easier to slide and operated very smoothly.

Kilian Custom Bearing Assemblies