Warner Linear K2x Linear Actuator for Light Tactical Military Vehicle

October 4, 2018
Light Tactical Military Vehicle

JLTV Hellfire missile launcher variant shown

Heavy-duty electric actuators were required by a major defense OEM for use on its new Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV). The actuators raise and lower the rear-mounted antenna rack on the JLTV TOW missile launcher variant. The antennas are raised for missile firing and then stowed before moving the vehicle to avoid low-hanging obstacles such as power lines, etc. Electric actuators were specified since they are easier to install and control compared to hydraulic or pneumatic models.

The project engineer initially contacted Warner Linear after visiting warnerlinear.com. Warner Linear engineers, together with their distribution partner, worked closely with the customer, using speed and load calculations along with CAD layouts, to fine tune the ideal actuator selection.

Ultimately, Warner Linear K2x electric actuators were specified to meet the battlefield vehicle application requirements. The Warner units are weather-tight with integral O-ring seals and feature heavy-wall rod and extension tube, bi-directional holding brake and Nitrotec® treated end fittings for superior strength and corrosion resistance. Unique (patented) screw end bearing guide provides smooth extension operation, high side-load capability and aids in screw re-lubrication.

K2x models also feature a heavy-duty, sealed double ball bearing motors and a mechanical torque limiter for end of stroke and overload protection. Limit switches and 24V outputs indicate if the rack is stowed or deployed. Customer-specified wire connectors and pin-out of the connectors were incorporated.

Performance validation testing was performed by the customer at their Arizona proving grounds.

Warner Linear K2x Linear Actuator