Guardian Gear Grip Couplings for Mulch Blower

January 2, 2019
Mulch Blower

A leading manufacturer of mulch blowers and hydro seeders needed a coupling with a large misalignment capability for one of its bark and mulch blowers. The commercial blower is used to spread mulch for landscaping, erosion control and other applications. The shaft-to-shaft coupling is positioned between a diesel drive engine and a LOB style blower.

Based on a previous successful collaboration with Warner Electric, another Altra company, the OEM contacted Guardian Couplings for a solution. Guardian engineers reviewed various alternatives to meet the customer’s requirements. Ultimately, it was determined that a Guardian Gear GripTM coupling, with a large 7.5 degrees of angular misalignment was the ideal choice. The coupling utilizes a three-piece highly flexible design which includes two hubs and a elastic sleeve.

This lightweight and compact coupling is not affected by moisture, dirt, or abrasives. The non-corrosive metal ends and rubber element provide a long service life that does not require lubrication or maintenance. The in-shear design allows the coupling to act as a mechanical fuse in the event of an overload condition. This feature can provide protection to the expensive drive system.

The Model 86PG coupling supplied featured a reinforced neoprene sleeve, sintered steel hubs and 1800 nominal torque. The coupling required a custom extended length sleeve to accommodate the relatively wide 2.5" gap between the engine and blower shafts. The extended length assembly was fitted with an internal support to prevent the center from collapsing under load.

Gear Grip Couplings