Svendborg BSFI Brakes for Drilling Rig Lifeboat Winches

February 21, 2019
Drilling Rig Lifeboat Winch

A leading manufacturer of lifeboat systems needed a reliable winch brake solution that could withstand the often extreme conditions on offshore drilling platforms. The lifeboats are suspended from dual cables hooked to the fore and aft of the enclosed vessel. The disc brakes are positioned on the winch’s cable drums to keep the stored lifeboats locked in place. In an emergency, after the boat is loaded with personnel to maximum occupancy, the brake is released to allow gravity to safely lower the boat to the ocean below. The single or dual cable drum ensures that both cables keep the boat level as it descends.

The brake also engages to prevent free fall in the event of a power failure to the electric winch by providing controlled braking as the boat continues to descend.

To meet the challenging parking and emergency stopping application requirements, Svendborg Brakes provided BSFI 200 Series spring applied, hydraulically-released caliper brakes. The brakes spring packs are sized to meet individual application requirements, up to 12,920 N clamping force.

BSFI 200 Brakes