Formsprag FSO Overrunning Clutch for Steel Mill Slitting Line

February 4, 2019
Steel Mill Slitting

A replacement clutch solution was needed at a steel processing facility that was experiencing slipping in the threading drive on its slitting line. The clutch, mounted between the low-speed threading drive and the slitting rollers, automatically disconnects the drive to protect it from the over-speeding condition when the slitting machine is run at high production speeds.

Formsprag Clutch supplied a grease-lubricated, 10" diameter FSO-800 clutch with a 13,000 lb.ft. (17,680 Nm) torque capacity to meet the challenging application requirements. FSO overrunning clutches feature a high torque density and require no adjustments or controls. These clutches mount on a through shaft, with the inner race driven by a key. All models contain Formchrome® sprags and Formsprag “Free-action” retainers.

Formsprag Model FSO Overrunning Clutches