Formsprag HSB Backstopping Clutch for Water Treatment Plant

June 9, 2019
water treatment plant

A midwestern water treatment facility needed a reliable replacement clutch solution for use on a series of electric motor driven pumps connected to a common manifold. Backstopping clutches are installed on each pump to prevent backflow when one or more of the pumps is shut down. The backstops are fitted on the double extended shafts on the backend of the motors. Without the clutches, water backflow would drive the impeller and motor in the wrong direction, causing possible powertrain damage when the pumps are re-started.

The problem was that the existing competitor backstopping clutches were wearing out too quickly, and the replacement lead time from the manufacturer was too long.

After a quick and thorough review of the application, Formsprag supplied Model HSB-600 high-speed backstopping clutches with a torque capacity of 2,250 lb.ft. (3060 Nm). Optional torque arms were also included.

HSB models are comprised of standard FSO clutch with the addition of an oil reservoir. The oil reservoir is an aluminum casting with cooling fins. HSB units have a spacer replacing the seal at the reservoir end to permit free oil flow between the clutch and reservoir. The reservoir features a flush oil sight gauge and a combination breather and oil filter.

The FSO-600 clutch incorporated into the HSB-600 features PCE® sprags with Formchrome®and Formsprag “Free-action” retainers. Exclusive Formchrome sprags provide extra-long life and maximum wear resistance.

Formsprag was awarded the order based on quick response to the customer’s problem, shorter lead times, and superior product durability for lower long-term operating cost.

Formsprag HSB Backstopping Clutches