TB Wood's MTO Wheels for Industrial Bandsaws

July 29, 2019
TB Wood's MTO Wheel for Bandsaws

Mellott Manufacturing, a major log and lumber handling OEM located in Pennsylvania needed durable wheels for use on a new industrial bandsaw product development.

A 12 in. wide by 40 ft. long bandsaw blade rides on a set of two large diameter flat-face transport wheels. The upper wheel has a straight interior rim while the lower wheel features a tapered interior rim to allow sawdust and debris to fall away from the wheel.

Mellott contacted TB Wood’s based on its established reputation as a quality wheel and belted drive supplier to the forestry industry. After a review of Mellott’s wheel designs, TB Wood’s supplied MTO (made-to-order) 11-1/2 in. wide, 72 in. diameter ductile iron wheels to provide years of reliable performance in challenging sawmill environments. The upper and lower wheel pairs were dynamically balanced to eliminate damaging saw vibrations during operation.

TB Wood's Made to Order Wheels