TB Wood's Sure-Flex® Plus Couplings for Refrigeration Compressor Package

August 22, 2019
Refrigeration Compressor Package

GEA, a leading technology supplier for a broad spectrum of industries, recently refurbished one of its 1993 refrigeration compressor packages for the Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology located in Lancaster, PA. The GEA fabrication team donated its time and materials to entirely rebuild the 25-year-old unit within four weeks. The newly refurbished compressor is now on display and will be used for instructional training in the main lobby of the Advanced Manufacturing Center on the Thaddeus Stevens campus.

The packaged screw compressor was originally built for a food and beverage application. However, similar compressors can be found in cold storage, chemical processing, oil and gas and other industrial applications that require a large amount of refrigeration capacity.

In support of the rebuild project for educational purposes, TB Wood’s donated a new Sure-Flex® Plus coupling to connect the 100hp drive motor to the compressor. The type 10C (7.5" dia.) clamp hub coupling features a two-piece EPDM sleeve design with a retaining ring. The EPDM sleeve is made of improved rubber compounds that offer a 30% increase in torque ratings when compared to previous sleeves and competitor offerings. TB Wood’s is the only sleeve coupling manufacturer that offers a catalogued clamp hub style coupling.

A smaller size 6 Sure-Flex Plus coupling that connects the oil pump to a 3hp drive motor was also donated. Economical Sure-Flex Plus couplings are preferred by many screw compressor manufacturers due to their ease of installation and ability to accommodate misalignment.

Sure-Flex Plus Couplings