Twiflex T40 Caliper Brakes for Tug Boat Propeller Shafts

October 14, 2019
Tug Boat Propeller Shafts

A leading global marine propulsion OEM needed a compact, replacement caliper braking solution for a pusher/tug boat drive application. The large, 328-ton tug is powered by twin Cat diesel engines that generate 3,420 hp. The vessel operates primarily in the Seattle, WA and Vancouver, BC areas.

The caliper brakes act on discs mounted to the tug’s dual propulsion shafts to provide emergency stopping so that the rotation of the main engines can be reversed to avoid a collision during crash maneuvering.

The problem was that the two existing competitor caliper brakes mounted on each shaft did not provide sufficient torque. Plus, there wasn’t enough space available to accommodate a third brake on each shaft.

To meet the OEM’s limited space and performance requirements, Twiflex supplied Type T40 hydraulically applied disc caliper brakes. Due to their compact size, three T40 units were able to be installed on each of the two propulsion shafts. The brakes feature cast iron construction, a total pad friction area of 144 cm2 and a braking force of 45 kN.

Twiflex T40 Caliper Brakes