Bauer BG Series Geared Motor for Cookie Making Machine

October 3, 2019
Cookie Making Machine

A large Midwestern contract baking company needed a replacement geared motor for one of its cookie dough extrusion machines. The geared motor drives a compression roller that flattens the dough into an extruded sheet of consistent thickness for cookie stamping.

The existing competitor drive could not provide enough consistent torque within the limited size requirement, causing the VFD (variable frequency drive) to trip. The drive problem created undesired material waste and hampered productivity. The existing geared motor manufacturer could not provide any workable solution.

Based on years of successful collaboration, Bauer was contacted by its distribution partner to help solve the challenging problem. After a careful review of the application requirements, a Bauer Model BG40 helical-geared motor with an inline configuration was selected.

The completely enclosed Bauer BG Series geared motor provides more torque in a smaller package than competitor models, making it the ideal choice for this food processing application. The unit’s smaller size motor is also more energy efficient. All Bauer gear motors are designed to keep running costs at an acceptable level and ensure reliable performance.

Bauer BG Series Gear Motor