Jacobs Kicks Off-Tech Tour

October 29, 2019
Jacobs Vehicle Systems Demonstration Vehicle

Fleets to get hands-on opportunity to experience new technologies

BLOOMFIELD, CT, USA – Jacobs Vehicle Systems, a leading worldwide manufacturer of diesel engine retarding systems and valve actuation systems, has launched the company’s North American Technology Tour, which will feature a new demonstrator truck equipped with technological enhancements to promote better fuel consumption, reduce harmful emissions and improve engine braking capabilities.

The enhancements include Jacobs’ patented High Power Density® (HPD®) technology and Active Decompression Technology® (ADT®) that Jacobs will be showcasing in 2020 to trucking industry OEM executives, fleets, dealers and service providers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

“The tour will essentially provide representatives from all stakeholders in trucking an opportunity to experience firsthand Jacobs’ newest transportation solutions,” said Steve Ernest, vice president, engineering and business development for Jacobs. “With these new technologies, we want to show as many people as possible how far Jacobs has come to support the ever-changing demands of contemporary trucking.”

Jacobs HPD System

Jacobs HPD system © 2019 Jacobs Vehicle Systems

HPD provides a host of upgrades over traditional engine brakes, primarily centered on the modern-day need for increased retarding demands to compensate for lower engine operating speeds, smaller displacement engines, and decreased aerodynamic drag and decreased rolling resistance common with most of today’s trucks. Additional HPD highlights include:

  • Double the braking power at cruise speeds.
  • Quicker up-shifting for better acceleration and hill climbing.
  • Promotes faster trip times and increased productivity.
  • Increased driver confidence and comfort.
  • Improved service brake life.
  • Reduces the need for downshifting by providing power at the normal operating engine speed.
Jacobs ADT System

Jacobs ADT system © 2019 Jacobs Vehicle Systems

ADT operates to offset complications associated with anti-idling regulations by improving engine operation during startup and shutdown. This creates a more comfortable driver experience and helps reduce emissions and fuel consumption associated with idling. Additional ADT highlights include:

  • Eliminates engine-shutdown-induced cabin vibration.
  • Improves cold starting.
  • Reduces starter system wear.
  • Increases engine cranking speed for easier start-ups.
  • Cost-effective design that easily integrates onto multiple engine platforms.
  • Complements start-stop fuel savings strategies.
Jacobs Demonstration Truck

Jacobs Vehicle Systems North American Technology Demonstration Vehicle © 2019 Jacobs Vehicle Systems

The truck journeys to the North American Commercial Vehicle Show, October 28 – 31, in Atlanta in the Jacobs’ exhibit area, Hall A, Booth 1255. There, show attendees can learn more about the new technologies and schedule test drive opportunities in 2020. In the spring of 2020, the tour will begin at the Navistar Proving Grounds in South Bend, IN, where the colorful demonstrator truck (appropriately wrapped in green) will be available for test drives for media members, customers, and local fleets and dealers.

But traveling to Atlanta isn’t necessary to reserve a seat for next year’s activities. Participating in the Jacobs’ North American Technology Tour is easy. Interested parties can simply go to https://www.jacobsvehiclesystems.com/na-technology-tour, and schedule a date.