Stromag Model SHD1 Modular Braking Systems for Heavy Lift Offshore Cranes

January 23, 2020
model shd1 heavy lift offshore cranes

A leading global heavy lift crane OEM, needed an economical braking system for large mast cranes typically installed on semi-submersible and surface crane vessels. The offshore construction vessels provide heavy lifting capability to support surface and sub-sea asset installation, decommissioning and removal. The brakes, installed on the crane’s drum, provide emergency stopping and holding functionality on the main hoist, auxiliary hoist and boom. Typically in these applications, the braking systems are designed for use with 400 kW motors and above.

Stromag worked closely with the OEM’s engineers to design an economical braking solution comprised of Model SHD1 caliper brakes along with a balanced disc and hub. A hydraulic power pack is often included. The new system offers many advantages that provide quick and easy installation for the engine manufacturer and the OEM. The motor is flanged and directly connected to a planetary gearhead via a hollow shaft so there is no need for a shaft coupling. The braking system is mounted directly to the rear of the motors. Since no special support brackets are needed for the brakes, misalignment is not an issue. The engine manufacturer attaches the braking system to the motor and delivers complete time-saving, pre-assembled brake/motor packages to the crane OEM.

Modular Stromag SHD1 braking systems are factory-tested and delivered with 1 or 3 calipers. If crane load or speed needs to be increased, up to 5 calipers can be mounted on a 445 mm dia. disc.

With years of extensive offshore application experience, Stromag can provide braking systems that meet various certifications including LR, ABS, and DNV-GL. Bedded-in braking systems can be delivered utilizing an in-house test bench. Several dynamic torque measurements are also available.

Stromag Model SHD1 Modular Braking System