Portescap Stepper Motor Powers Automated Medication Dispenser

August 10, 2020
Medication Dispenser

A North American medical device innovator needed a cost-effective motion solution for an automatic medication dispenser. With today’s increasing population, the number of people administering or taking medications has escalated, bringing with it the increased chance to make medication dosing mistakes. A medication dosing machine can help remind patients to take medication as well as ensure that the correct amounts are being administered. By pressing a button on the control panel, the user can select which medication will be dispensed.

Portescap was chosen for the project based on its excellent engineer-to-engineer communication as well as its expertise in miniature motion solutions. Portescap engineers recommended the 42L048D Can Stack Stepper Mini Motor with some minor customization. The customer had been considering a Brush DC solution, but chose Portescap’s recommendation because the stepper motor offered repeatable accurate motion at a more competitive price. The carousel portion of the dispensing mechanism requires more torque at low speeds - an ideal scenario for a Can Stack motor.

The result was a product that operated quietly, efficiently and reliably, giving the customer the ability to market the product in assisted living facilities where these attributes are critical for patient care.