Portescap B0512N4081 Autoclavable Slotted Brushless DC Gearmotor for Arthroscopic Small Joint Shaver

September 25, 2020
Arthoscopic Small Joint Shaver

A top European surgical device manufacturer was in need of a lightweight, autoclavable motion solution for a shaver hand piece to be used in small joint arthroscopic surgeries. Small joint surgeries include both upper and lower extremities, such as the hand, wrist and foot. With many similar devices on the market, this customer wanted their design to run lighter and cooler than the competition’s. A lightweight, cooler-running surgical tool is key to preventing surgeon fatigue.

Portescap offered the customer the only motor that could successfully withstand their rigorous testing. Competitor motors failed the autoclave testing within hours, while Portescap’s motor lasted for the equivalent of hundreds of surgeries and also stood up to the contact with saline that is inevitable in joint shaving applications. The product recommended by Portescap engineers was a customized version of the B0512N4081 Autoclavable Brushless DC Slotted Gearmotor. Small, powerful, and extremely reliable, the B0512N4081 put the customer’s dream design in motion.

The outcome was a product that benefitted from an overall reduction in length and weight. The smaller, lighter tool also offered significantly decreased vibration which allows the surgeon a more exact, more tactile surgical experience.