Ensuring customer satisfaction

October 1, 2020
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Backing up optimised design and production processes, Aluminium Die Casting SRL offers multi-facetted quality assurance for all castings. This ensures that every component is subjected to great scrutiny, so at final delivery, end users can be sure of a reliable solution.

ADC Quality 2

During the casting process, vacuum spectrometers deliver total control of chemical composition, allowing alloys to reach optimal states. This allows castings to reach exceptional levels of quality.

Aluminium Die Casting SRL operates an in-house metrological room equipped with twin Mitutoyo 3D measurement machines. Each checks every physical parameter of all finished castings, delivering consistent quality control across all designs.

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Looking into the heart of each casting, X-Ray integrity control helps to minimise porosity and reduce scrap. This capability allows flaws in castings to be identified early on, so that improper castings can be quickly removed and assessed for improvement.

T5 heat treatment further improves the integrity of castings. By heating the casting for a duration after it has cooled, the casting can be aged to deliver increased strength. Combined with stringent quality controls at every stage of the casting process, finished components offer high durability.

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Aluminium Die Casting SRL is ISO 9001 certified with full ISO TS orientation – a fundamental requirement for working in the automotive sector. This ensures quality levels are consistent throughout every aspect of the business. To further ensure quality, all calibrations of measurement tooling are certified, delivering accurate results at all stages of the casting process.

All aspects of Aluminium Die Casting SRL’s quality assurance mean that cast components can seamlessly transition into the next stage of any production process.

Aluminium Die Casting SRL quality assurance services:

  • Vacuum spectrometry for chemical composition control of alloys
  • Metrological room with twin Mitutoyo 3D measurement machines
  • X-ray integrity control
  • T5 heat treatment for durable castings