Portescap B0614H4041 Autoclavable Arthroscopic Surgical Gearmotor for Arthroscopic Shaver

November 2, 2020
Arthroscopic Shaver

A global provider of arthroscopic equipment and other surgical solutions needed a brushless motor durable enough to withstand autoclaving, yet light enough to prevent user fatigue. They needed a motion solution for an arthroscopic shaver hand tool used in surgeries on knees, shoulders and other joints. When an arthroscopic debridement is performed, small incisions are made to allow instruments inside, including saline irrigation, an arthroscopic camera, and the shaver itself.

Portescap was chosen for the project based on its advanced expertise in surgical motion solutions, its ability to customize, and the ease of engineer-to-engineer communication. Portescap engineers recommended a BLDC Slotted gearmotor uniquely suited for this application, however a similar motor (the B0614H4041 Brushless DC gearmotor) is available for any customer. The implementation of this motion solution resulted in a product that experienced significantly reduced vibration and an increase in power.

Overall, the customer gained a competitive edge. The Portescap customized motor allowed the customer’s product to be lighter than the competitor’s without sacrificing performance.