New Thomson Ball Screw Selection Tool Streamlines Online Product Selection

November 16, 2020
thomson ball screw selection tool

Thomson Industries, Inc., a leading manufacturer of linear motion control solutions, has announced the launch of an online selector tool that simplifies and streamlines the purchasing experience for its precision ball screws. The tool helps design engineers zero in on the right part quickly, access a 3D model with just a click, view pricing and lead times, easily share orderable product specifications and take advantage of direct online orders.

Thomson Ball Screws

Using the intuitive online selector tool, users can quickly and easily find the optimal Thomson ball screws for their applications

Ball screws, which are compact, quiet and cost effective, provide a low-friction, highly efficient technology for translating rotational motion to linear motion in many applications, including those involving high loads and close tolerances. A key offering in the Thomson portfolio of linear motion components, ball screws are available in metric, inch and miniature versions and can be configured as an assembly, which consists of a ball screw and ball nut with recirculating ball bearings. These assemblies are also featured in the ball screw selector tool.

“With multiple, ongoing machine design projects and frequent impending deadlines, motion systems design teams cannot afford to spend unnecessary time searching for the ideal ball screw for their applications,” said Denise Goldman, Global Product Line Manager - Ball Screws at Thomson. “We are focused on enhancing user experience and ensuring that they can swiftly identify the right ball screw in the least amount of time. This new tool enables them to complete the selection process in only a few minutes.”

Thomson Online Selector Tool

The new Thomson online product selector tool for ball screws streamlines the search, selection and overall purchasing experience

To find the ideal ball screw for their application, users start by conducting their search through an intuitive, visual-based menu. They enter their application requirements and can narrow down their options to an optimal choice in just a few clicks. Further enhancements include real-time adjustments with defined filter parameters, and up-front pricing and delivery lead times. Another unique feature are product recommendations from Thomson engineers.

Additionally, the user can access new, verified 3D models, including ball screw assemblies; catalog links; and product details, all with a single click on the results page. The streamlined process not only takes significantly less time than traditional approaches, but it also yields better results.

The Thomson ball screw selector tool can be found at