Just Released the Fourth Edition of the 2020 Power Review

December 8, 2020
Power Review 2020 Q4

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Altra Brands Provide IIoT Solutions

The Smart Marland Monitoring System provides up to the minute access to critical system operating conditions including Vibration, Temperature and Oil Level. Download the Smart Marland Flyer.

Stromag’s Complete IIoT Braking System utilizes artificial intelligence to provide many convenient and cost-saving advantages including remote and augmented maintenance, increased crane availability due to planned downtimes and extended system life due to careful maintenance monitoring. Download the Stromag IIoT Article and Application Profile.

Svendborg Brakes supported a premier lignite mining company by offering an innovative braking control setup that features Cloud computing and data analytics and ultimately slashing maintenance costs and downtime. Visit the Altra Newsroom for the full article

Ameridrives Block-Type Universal Joint Rebuild and Repair Service

North American mill operators can significantly reduce downtime and costs with series 7000 Block-type U-joint rebuild and retrofit services by Ameridrives, available in the U.S. Download the U-Joint Rebuild and Repair Brochure for more information.

Boston Gear Original “Domed Crown™” Stainless Steel 700 Series

Utilizing the often imitated but never equaled 700 Series worm gearing combined with new exterior designs, the new stainless steel 700 Series performance has been optimized to withstand the harshest washdown conditions! For more information, download the Stainless Steel Product Catalog or the SS700 Innovation Spotlight.

Warner Electric Introduces New ERX Brakes Range and the WES Contactless Sensor

Warner Electric has released a new range of pre-assembled electromagnetic brakes that offer superior performance for stopping and parking applications. The brakes can be specified in standard, high-torque or high-speed configurations and with a selection of accessories included. Download the ERX Brochure and WES Flyer for more information.