Altra Virtual Exhibition takes power transmission online

March 8, 2021
Virtual Trade Show Stand

Altra Industrial Motion Corp. has launched its new virtual exhibition stand gathering leading brands and high-quality solutions in an interactive browser experience

For those looking to experience the latest advancements in power transmission, motion control and engine braking solutions, Altra Industrial Motion Corp. has updated its virtual exhibition stand. Gathering leading brands and high-quality solutions in an interactive browser experience, the updated stand is the perfect resource for specifiers, end users and engineering enthusiasts alike.

You can visit the Altra Virtual Stand at

The latest Altra Virtual Stand is a browser hosted exhibition display that is always open. Combining imagery, videos, downloads and literature – it provides visitors with an unrivalled overview of the capabilities of each leading brand. By interacting with hotspots on stand, visitors can seamlessly access relevant content and external links to websites, as well as a contact form for direct enquiries.

Products on display include actuators, automation equipment, brakes, clutches, couplings, engine braking and valve actuation systems, monitoring systems, motors, speed reducers and torque limiters. Each category contains multiple products with matching literature, images, technical drawings and brochures as well as accompanying download links – ensuring easy access to key information on every solution.

As the Altra Virtual Stand is hosted online, it is accessible from almost any device with a web browser installed. This includes smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Simply touch or click the hotspots on stand to begin navigating. A handy search function also allows visitors to snap to a product of their choice quickly. A convenient list of brands and product categories can be accessed via a sidebar too.

All leading brands of Altra Industrial Motion are represented, with quick links to each brand website on stand. This includes Ameridrives, Bauer Gear Motor, Bibby Turboflex, Boston Gear, Delroyd Worm Gear, Formsprag Clutch, Guardian Couplings, Huco, Kilian, Kollmorgen, Lamiflex Couplings, Marland Clutch, Matrix, Nuttall Gear, Portescap, Stieber, Stromag, Svendborg Brakes, TB Wood’s, Thomson, Twiflex, Warner Electric, Warner Linear and Wichita Clutch.