Kilian Custom Bearing Assemblies for Utility Truck Storage Drawers

March 18, 2021
Utility Truck Storage

A large U.S. utility truck manufacturer needed a bearing solution for traverse storage drawers installed on many of its truck models. The drawers slide out from the truck body so users can easily access stowed tools and equipment.

The goal was to acquire a more robust bearing so that fewer bearings need to be installed on each drawer. Fewer bearings meant that the new bearings needed to handle loads up to 500 lbs. while functioning smoothly on imperfect rails, in all weather conditions.

To meet the challenging application requirements, Kilian developed a precision mechanical bearing design with an integral stud to replace the previously used bearing.

The new Kilian unitized one-piece, corrosion-resistant bearing assembly accommodates very high loads. A beveled outer diameter profile design allows for some misalignment in the telescoping drawer track system. A hex head socket was incorporated for easy installation.

Kilian provided prototype bearing assembly samples to the customer for rigorous testing. Orders were eventually placed based on positive in-application test results.

Custom Bearing Assemblies Truck Storage Drawers