Kilian Custom Bearing Assemblies for Commercial Food Prep Cabinets

April 1, 2021
Commercial Food Prep Cabinets

A food preparation equipment manufacturer needed a bearing solution for its heavy duty stainless steel drawer system. The drawers are installed on a variety of different behind-the-counter cabinets utilized in food preparation areas.

The bearings needed to withstand the rigors of daily use as well as being exposed to moisture in busy commercial kitchens.

Kilian provided custom-engineered 1-1/2 in. diameter bearing assemblies with corrosion-resistant 303 stainless steel bearings to meet the application requirements. The unique bearing design incorporates a chamfered counter sunk inner race that allows the customer to use special flat head mounting screws. This provides a smooth, flush surface so the bearings can move easily within the tight drawer slide track.

Custom Bearing Asseblies Food Prep