Kilian Bearing Assemblies for Oversize Recliner Chairs

April 29, 2021
Oversized Recliner Chairs

A major U.S. manufacturer of engineered furniture mechanisms needed a robust bearing solution for a heavy-duty recliner chair assembly they were developing.

The OEM contacted Kilian based on a long-term working relationship between the two companies. After listening to the customer explain the application requirements, Kilian sent several samples of a similar bearing assembly. The new flanged bearing assembly was larger in diameter and could carry more load than the previous unit. The bearing was also knurled for secure press-fit mounting.

The samples were exactly what the OEM was looking for as they met the application’s increased load capacity while fitting easily within the recliner mechanism design.

The customer was very pleased and appreciated Kilian’s fast response within days of their request. They immediately placed a large order for the new parts which allowed them to bring their new heavy-duty recliner mechanism to market very quickly.

Kilian Bearing Assemblies