Huco Oldham Couplings for Industrial Boiler Burners

May 10, 2021
Industrial Boiler Burners

Cochran, Ltd., a leading global designer and manufacturer of industrial boilers and burners, needed reliable precision couplings for use on its range of combustion burners. The couplings are fitted between air servomotors and dampers on most burners. On some burner models the couplings are installed between gas servomotors and butterfly valves.

Various coupling solutions were explored. However, most couplings did not offer the precision required and suffered backlash and eventual failure resulting in poor combustion and excessive emissions.

Ultimately, Cochran engineers selected Oldham couplings from Huco to meet its burner performance specifications. The precision-engineered Huco couplings provide stable movement with no backlash throughout the actuated range. This results in reliable combustion and reduced emissions.

The renowned Huco Oldham coupling design transmits torque through a central disc that slides over tenons on the hubs under controlled preload conditions. Huco supplies complete 3-part Size 41 Oldham couplings to meet the requirements of most Cochran burner models. The through bore couplings are comprised of two aluminum clamp-style hubs and an acetal disc that provides high torsional stiffness and long, backlash-free life. The 1.62 in. (41.3 mm) OD couplings feature a 151 (17 Nm) peak torque rating.

Huco Oldham Couplings