Stromag Releases New Catalog: 2in1 Solutions the Compact Coupling/Clutch Combination

June 22, 2021
Stromag 2in1 Solutions

Altra is the only company worldwide that manufactures elastic couplings as well as a wide range of switchable clutches.

Stromag´s “2in1 solutions” enable the unique possibility to take this big advantage for nearly every drivetrain application. We simply combine the elastic coupling and the switchable clutch in a compact and smart design. The calculation and selection of both parts from Stromag´s well proven product portfolio is done by our support according to the needed specification.

2in1 Coupling/Clutch Combination Benefits

  • Electromagnetic, hydraulic or pneumatic clutch actuations
  • Optional bell housings
  • Drivetrain torsional vibration analysis for OEM applications
  • Additional bearing supports
  • Tailormade or standardized (SAE, etc.) interfaces

Download the full catalog Here or visit Stromag see the full range of product solutions.