Svendborg Brakes Helps Wind Turbines Live Longer, More Productive Lives

July 29, 2021
Wind Turbine Braking Solutions

Getting the most productivity and the longest service life out of every wind turbine generator investment is critical for wind farm operators worldwide. At Svendborg Brakes we understand the importance of extending the life of expensive onshore and offshore turbines.

We design, test and deliver critical wind turbine drivetrain solutions, including rotor and yaw braking systems, rotor locks, cooling systems, and specialized hydraulic power units to ensure fast, controlled and safe braking. We are pioneers in the Wind industry, having delivered braking solutions for the World’s first offshore wind farm in Denmark in 1991. We also lead the market in supplying active yaw brake systems to the global wind industry.

To help optimize service life, our products are designed and developed through significant R&D and testing investments and are considered state-of-the-art for all modern medium and large wind turbines. Our superior quality components are built to handle the stresses of wind turbine applications and are engineered to last for decades.

One of the first steps to ensure long service life, is working in close collaboration with turbine OEMs to guide in the correct selection of our braking systems. Custom solutions are often required to meet the specific turbine design requirements.

Our leadership, experience and expertise extend far beyond the initial sale and installation of our wind turbine braking systems. We provide worldwide after-sale support to help ensure that our customers get the longest possible service life from our brakes. Our customized service packages provide professional, technical expertise and maintenance by authorized and dedicated Svendborg Brakes personnel utilizing only genuine Svendborg replacement parts.

We offer training, technical support, scheduled maintenance, 24/7 global service support, and upgrades. Altra Renewable Energy also manufactures long-lasting genuine spare parts, including calipers, brake pads, seal kits, and sensors for all our Svendborg and Stromag brake models. Utilizing genuine replacement parts optimizes brake performance and extends component life.

In most cases, the best practice is to update old turbines with new brakes and pads, etc. With an eye toward sustainability, we only upgrade or retrofit worn or damaged parts while utilizing existing components that are in good working condition and only upgrade or retrofit what is needed.

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