Stromag NFF4F-LS Brake for Aluminum Mill Pot Tending Machine

October 5, 2021
Aluminum Mill Pot Tending Machine

Fives Services Inc., a leading global designer and manufacturer of process equipment for the primary aluminum industry, needed a robust, reliable braking solution for an aluminum mill pot tending machine. The machine is installed in mill electrolysis halls and features an overhead crane with a 27-ton capacity hoist whose main function is the metal tapping, extraction and transport of liquid aluminum from the electrolysis tanks.

Based on its proven reliability and rugged construction, the engineers at Fives selected a Stromag NFF4F-LS brake to meet the hoist’s safety requirements. The electromagnetic four-face, spring-applied brake provides emergency braking functionality.

The compact NFF4F-LS brake was designed specifically for crane and other heavy industrial applications that require slow running drives with very high brake torque and a closed design. Built to perform in harsh environments, major brake components feature a special nitrocarburated and postoxidated surface treatment with an overall protection rating up to IP66.

The NFF4F-LS design provides excellent heat dissipation, high wear-resistance and easy motor mounting with no brake disassembly required. Models are available in brake torques of 4,000 to 40,000 Nm.