Just Released the First Edition of the 2022 Power Review

March 11, 2022
Power Review 2022 Q1

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COVER FEATURE: Marland Clutch and Stromag Provide IIoT Solutions

Marland's CECON+ units support the Smart Marland Monitoring System designed for remote monitoring of clutches anywhere.
Stromag's advanced SIoT braking systems provide real-time diagnostics and maintenance monitoring.

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COVER FEATURE: Svendborg Brakes and Warner Electric Provide IIoT Solutions

Svendborg's smart monitoring and IIoT technologies improve onshore wind turbine uptime.
Electrically-operated Warner PTO bell housing clutches provide safer and easier remote operation for industrial applications.

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Altra Certified Rebuild & Repair Services Ameridrives, Formsprag, Marland, Nuttall & Delroyd

Marland, Formsprag, & Ameridrives, can refurbish products for substantially less than the cost of a new replacement. Nuttall & Delroyd offer a cost-effective repair solution for any manufacturer’s gear drive.

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Kilian CB-14 Series Conveyor Bearings

Kilian’s unique and cost-effective CB-14 Series Conveyor Bearings are designed to operate quietly and dependably in the most demanding material handling applications.

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