Svendborg BSFH 515 & BSFI 325 Brakes for Coal Mine Slope Hoist

April 21, 2022

A leading mine hoist manufacturer needed braking solutions for use on a 125-ton slope hoist at a coal mine in Southern Illinois. The underground mine produces more than 6,000,000 tons of coal annually. The hoist moves supplies and personnel up and down the mine’s steep inclined (sloped) shaft.

Based on many previous successful collaborations, the OEM contacted Svendborg Brakes for parking and emergency braking solutions.

Svendborg Brakes supplied pedestal-mounted Model BSFH 515 spring-applied, hydraulically released, dual-spring caliper brakes, each with 120,000 N braking force, for the hoist’s low speed emergency braking system. The brakes act on a large diameter disc mounted directly to the rope drum.

Pedestal-mounted Model BSFI 325 spring-applied, hydraulically released, mono-spring caliper brakes with 20,000 N braking force each, act on a smaller disc positioned on the high speed side of the hoist’s drive motor.

Svendborg BSFH515 and BSFI 325 Brakes