Altra brands reduce power wastage at IFAT 2022

May 27, 2022
Altra at IFAT 2022

IFAT 2022 takes place from May 30 – June 3 at Messe München in Munich, Germany. Visitors can meet experts from Bauer, Huco, Stromag and Warner Electric in Hall A2, Booth 423.

Leading brands of Altra Industrial Motion Corp., Bauer Gear Motor, Huco, Stromag and Warner Electric, will all be present at IFAT 2022, displaying power transmission solutions for equipment in water, waste and materials management.

The event takes place from May 30 – June 3 at Messe München in Munich, with experts from all brands ready to welcome visitors in Hall A2, Booth 423.

IFAT is the world’s leading trade fair for environmental technologies, gathering the industry to highlight new solutions. Highly efficient and reliable power transmission solutions allow optimisation of critical equipment in environmental management applications, reducing energy demand while improving performance.

Bauer Gear Motor

An established supplier of highly efficient gear motors for water and wastewater applications, Bauer will showcase its market-leading technologies at IFAT.

A key focus will be its IP68 submersible geared motors, which perform reliably at depths of 5 m or more. Ready for aeration, mixing and sedimentation applications – Bauer submersible motors are ATEX certified to ensure suitability in these areas. Furthermore, IE2, IE3 or IE4 models are available, ensuring tangible energy savings during long operation, ideal for utilities. Specialised coating systems, shafts, seals and leakage detectors can be specified on request.

As a motor OEM, Bauer also offers its customers entirely customised motors. This ensures optimum performance and long service life in application. Options include innovative permanent magnet synchronous motors as well as asynchronous options.


Huco will highlight its exceptional range of standard and customised precision couplings for a wide range of power transmission applications during the show.

Of particular interest to visitors will be the flagship Oldham coupling, which features two hubs with a central acetal disc, the latter of which can act as a mechanical fuse to protect equipment during overload. Very precise due to high torsional stiffness, the design is backlash-free up to 108 turns.

Huco also offers a wide range of other couplings for efficient solutions and environmental technologies. This includes beam, bellows, disc, double loop, uni-lat, jaw, nylon sleeve gear and rigid couplings.


With reputation for supplying robust brakes, clutches and couplings for municipal vehicles and winter road services equipment, Stromag products can be combined to provide a complete powertrain solution.

Products include hydraulic clutches and brakes, hydraulically released spring applied brakes and flexible couplings. The flexibility of the range is illustrated by the KMK clutch multi-disc clutch. Available in wet or dry configuration, the KMK offers a torque range of 200 Nm to 140,000 Nm, with plenty of available options.

Another innovative solution is Stromag’s 2in1 combinations of hydraulic or electromagnetic clutch and flexible torsional dampening coupling combinations. Highly compact to support municipal vehicle drivetrain requirements, the 2in1 is a plug and play assembly which can be mounted between the diesel engine and electric motor, allowing seamless engagement and disengagement to select hybrid drive systems. The 2in1 also provides a plug and play drivetrain solution for PTO applications, pump drives and more.

Warner Electric

A specialist in electromagnetic clutches and brakes, Warner Electric offers vehicle OEMs the opportunity to optimise onboard power usage and unlock new efficiencies.

This ability is illustrated by the wide range of clutches offered by the company, which allow vehicles to activate or deactivate auxiliary onboard systems such as fans and compressors as and when required, greatly reducing energy usage.

Electromagnetic brakes will also be a key focus. Warner Electric offers innovative braking solutions designed to reduce power consumption on a wide variety of motions for battery-powered equipment, including electric traction drives for street sweepers or electrically driven municipal vehicles. Warner braking technologies are also ideal for many autonomous machines and small electrically driven equipment.