Svendborg BSFH & BSFI Braking System with SOBO® iQ for Copper Mine Service Hoist

May 31, 2022
copper mine hoist

A large mine hoist manufacturer required a reliable emergency stopping and parking brake system for a 20-ton hoist at a copper mine. The OEM worked closely with Svendborg Brakes, a trusted partner, based on Svendborg’s ability to provide quality products, complete engineered systems with controlled braking along with superior service and support.

To meet the application requirements, Svendborg Brakes supplied pedestal-mounted Model BSFH 512 spring-applied, hydraulically released, dual-spring caliper brakes, each with 96,000 N braking force, for the hoist’s low speed emergency braking system. The brakes act on two 12 ft. diameter discs installed on the 10.5 ft. diameter rope drum.

Pedestal-mounted Model BSFI 3100 spring-applied, hydraulically released, mono-spring caliper brakes with 80,000 N braking force each, act on a 47.5 in. disc positioned on the high speed side of the hoist’s drive motor.

The braking solution included three SOBO® iQ hydraulic power units and a single SOBO iQ control that controls both the high and low speed braking systems.

Industry-leading SOBO iQ braking controller combines cutting-edge technologies to provide significant flexibility, safety and durability on mine hoists and conveyors. The controller features three-state digital modulation and a revolutionary dual-loop PI control (pressure/speed). The pressure control is based not only on speed but also on deceleration. SOBO iQ controls braking torque by comparing a preset speed ramp with actual hoist speed feedback.

Custom SOBO iQ hydraulic power units are manufactured in-house and engineered to perform in harsh mine environments.

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