AIMS held 2022 Safety Month Campaign in July successfully

August 9, 2022
AIMS Held 2022 Safety Month Campaign July

In July, more than 430 employees of AIMS participated in AIMS Safety Month Campaign entitled "Empowering the Future with Safety and Happiness", which consisted of three sections as following:

1. Safety Lifeline – CPR* exercise to win a life-Training
2. Safety Around Us - Improving Safety awareness - Interaction
3. Safety Alarm- Review of warning cases - Q&A

Through a multifaceted activity combining theory and practice, training and Q&A, it not only enhances staff safety awareness, but also strengthens their skills in dealing with emergencies.

YangMinE, assembly staff, said: the training is very useful, like CPR, I will also train my family to get the important skill.


WangZhanFeng, workshop supervisor, said: the training helps us a lot to know, for example how to put out a fire when it happens.


LuCaiCheng, assembly staff, said: through July safety month, I get more awareness of safety not only in work, but also in life, I’ll take more and more attention on using the crane.


2022 is the third year that AIMS held the Safety Month Campaign. Highly valued by the company management, July campaign has all staff participating in great enthusiasm with full of gains. It maintains staff a high level of safety awareness and improves their safety prevention and self-rescue skills. To keep staff safety in work and achieve zero accidence in AIMS is our mission.

*CPR= cardiopulmonary resuscitation, is an emergency lifesaving procedure performed when the heart stops beating.