New 12ECP48 Ultra EC Motor Delivers Cost-Efficient Premium Performance

August 25, 2022
Portescap New 12ECP48 Ultra EC Motor

Portescap, a global supplier and manufacturer of miniature motion solutions, has introduced the 12ECP48 Ultra EC™, the latest addition to their Ultra EC platform.

As with Portescap’s existing ECP motors, this BLDC motor is ultra cost-optimized and does not compromise on premium performance.

The 12ECP48 features a twelve-millimeter diameter and an Ultra EC winding, delivers speeds up to 60,000 rpm, and at thirty grams, is almost ten percent lighter than existing motors of a similar size. Providing up to 8.1 mNm maximum continuous torque, the motor’s R13 gearbox compatibility also makes it an ideal combination for applications requiring torque up to 0.5Nm.

The motor is well-suited for battery-powered hand tools in the medical and industrial markets, including robotic pipetting, electric grippers, miniature pumps, and biopsy and podiatry hand tools. The 12ECP48 is also an excellent choice for those looking to migrate from brush DC to brushless DC technologies for longer lifetimes and for companies shifting from manual to powered devices for improved productivity and accuracy.

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